Dr. Angelov Farooq- Riverside Unified School,  Board Member  “I have had the pleasure to know Silvia Ortega since she was a high school student in Jurupa Valley. Her personal journey of resilience demonstrates the experience necessary to make a difference for students and the community as a JUSD school board member.”

Alexander Fajardo -El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center, Executive Director "Silvia has the heart, passion and mind to support the community to make healthy changes to benefit our families. During the pass years, I have seen Silvia become a great leader with the true passion to serve the community."

Irma L. Cortes-  El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center, Expectant Mother Program Supervisor  “I know Silvia since she was a Youth Mental Health Community Health Worker in 2013. She is very committed to improving the quality of life of the community through education and she is aware that being part of the board can motivate changes in that regard."

Amelia Zepeda- El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center, Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters, Program Coordinator “I have had the honor of knowing Silvia Ortega for over two years. She is committed in making a difference in the community through empowerment. Silvia Ortega is already a great leader and she will do just as great as a JUSD School Board Member.” 

Andrea Nuno- El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center , Healthy Children and Resilient Families, Program Supervisor "It has been a privilege to work with Silvia Ortega. She is a person that is passionate about helping her community. She has made a difference in the lives of many families and is well equipped to take on a leadership role as a JUSD BOARD MEMBER.

Scarlett MacDonald-  El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center, Parent- Child-Parent Home Program Coordinator “I have had the pleasure to know Silvia a little over a year and she is amazing! I admire the passion she demonstrates to serve her community. I believe she has the character and determination to make a difference as a JUSD Board Member.”

John Chavez- Jurupa Unified School District, Board Member (retired) "I truly believe that Silvia Ortega is the best candidate for Jurupa School Board. I sincerely endorse Silvia. Please vote for Silvia.

Emilia Jara, LCSW- Corazon Counseling Services, Owner “Silvia Ortega, a women with great passion and dedication to her community, her commitment to ensure the well-being of children and families is admirable, I have seen it firsthand. I confidently endorse Silvia Ortega for JUSD Board!” 


Dr. Brady- Healthy Families America, Parent Child Consultant "Silvia demonstrates a unique capacity to engage families, young children, and other professionals, with her compassion and excitement about the work she is doing. We need more individuals who are this committed to making a difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable families."

Dr.Juan Carlos Belliard- Loma Linda University,  Associate Professor of Public Health “I have always been impressed with Silvia’s heart for serving her community. She is one of the most passionate community health workers serving the Inland Empire. I am sure that she will serve the Jurupa Valley School District with the same passion and commitment that she has demonstrated in her work promoting health”

Rebecca Reber-  Teacher- Alvord Unified School District, Teen Parent Program “It is my privilege to work side by side with Silvia in supporting and empowering teen parents in the Jurupa area.  Silvia cares deeply for young mothers and motivates them to work for a bright and successful future.  Silvia believes in the power of education and would be a blessing to the JUSD school board.”

Violeta Montes-San Bernardino City Unified School District, Spanish Teacher "I can enthusiastically attest to the skills, talent and character of Miss Ortega. She is an extraordinary professional and the Jurupa Valley community will be fortunate to have her as a board member. She possess a strong gumption to help and support education, a love and respect for students, and a strong desire to make a difference in the present and future of our education system.  I am confident she will make a great asset to the JUSD board. "

Yenny Guarin- Healthy Family America Specialist, Expectant Mothers Program  "As Silvia’s former supervisor, I can attest to her leadership skills, passion for the community and advocacy skills. Her dedication to Jurupa Valley is exemplary, as the families she serves confirm her compassion, vision, and problem-solving skills."

Nancy A Ortega- Riverside Unified School District,  Student Tutor  "Silvia is a passionate advocate for the families of this community. Candidate Ortega will put the needs of the people first before ever benefiting herself. There is no one more passionate and dedicated for the health and well being of our community than her. 

Sandra Boyd- Educational Consultant "Silvia Ortega is a product of the Jurupa School system and long life resident. She is aware of the needs of the community and I am certain that her presence on the board will be positive influence for our schools and our children."

Hank Trueba- Jurupa District Lions Club, President "Silvia Ortega's energy level and passion for what she does is an example of who she is. She is an amazing advocate for the youth in our community."

 Delfina Vasquez- Single Parent  "Silvia Ortega is a very independent woman who looks out for the well-being of others. She is devoted to children and makes the correct choices for the needs each child has. Silvia is truly an inspiration for many women like myself to look up to and strive to succeed in the community"